Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole. (A short introduction)

Welcome to Ubik Brewing. I'm a long-time beer enthusiast and homebrewer who's finally broken into the brewing industry in an unexpected way: In a few weeks time, I'll be moving overseas to work for S√łgaards Bryghus, a brewery in northern Denmark. I'm starting this blog to chronicle my time in Europe, as well as my continuing experiences in brewing and drinking beer. There'll also be some food stuff thrown in, and maybe even some writing about music and literature.

Right now I'm scrambling to prepare for the move, while visiting my favorite Chicago haunts and as many of my friends as I can before I go. There'll probably be a post here and there before I go, but things will really kick off once I'm in Denmark proper. In the meantime, you can check out my regular website at, which also has plenty of information about my homebrewing.

So welcome, and I hope you stick around!

-Brian Davis

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